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A step-by-step guide to develop a cryptocurrency exchange app?

The cryptocurrency market is ever-growing, and it will be interesting to see how things turn out in the future. One thing is for sure: cryptocurrencies will play a significant role in world affairs. Their market prices may fluctuate, but the cryptocurrency industry seems likely to expand. Despite this, issues like slow actions (processes) and a lack of security remain. The market needs a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange app that is fast and secure so that trading processes can take place instantly. Cryptocurrencies and their functions: Cryptocurrencies are digital money that is stored in virtual wallets. The currency is decentralized; meaning banks or governments do not have control over cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies usually use Blockchain, which is a type of distributed database that manages and records all transactions. The mining process creates new cryptocurrency units. Mining uses computing power to solve complicated mathematical problems that generate coins.

What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

A cryptocurrency exchange is a new way to trade, buy,  and sell cryptocurrencies. Centralized exchanges conduct transactions through banks, while cryptocurrency exchanges are global markets for decentralized cryptocurrencies.

How does a cryptocurrency app generate revenue?

If you’re into cryptocurrency trading, chances are that you’ve heard of cryptocurrency trading apps like Coinbase. Cryptocurrency exchanges are used to execute financial transactions: buying or selling tokens. Traders use these apps via the exchanges to manage their funds and transact in currencies like Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], etc.  The most common method of earning Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is by buying and holding (HODL) coins. There are different methods of making money from cryptocurrencies, such as mining but buying and HODL-ing are the most common.

Steps to build a cryptocurrency exchange app:

Historically, you will find evidence of cryptocurrency exchanges being used for many years. Cryptocurrency has received much attention, but most people still have no idea how it actually works. This market is popular among investors due to its high-profit potential. As such, many people are developing apps to cash in on the upsides of cryptocurrency trading.  cryptocurrency exchange app

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Many factors go into creating a crypto exchange app. Take a look at the steps involved in a cryptocurrency exchange development process:

1. Design

Solutions architects are familiar with trending best practices and consider product requirements when developing a comprehensive design combining beauty and usability.
  • Wireframes

The first step of the design process would be to create a wireframe for your mobile application. Wireframes are static diagrams showing your application’s essential features, such as navigation paths, buttons, and menus on your website.

  • Create a prototype

A prototype represents how an end-user will interact with your product when it’s ready for launch.  It allows you to test out different interactions before you release your product or feature to ensure that it works as expected for users before going live with it.

2. Client-side

  • Client-side development includes a website development approach that focuses on building a client-side web application from scratch while allowing the application to interact with a server-side API.
  • This client-side code is written in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. The browser on the user’s computer or mobile device renders the code, resulting in a web page.
  • Front-end developers are the leading creators of all the end products. They are responsible for a website’s overall appearance and functionality, including layout, design, and user interface.

3. API

The API is on the back end of the application that a user cannot see. It is a gateway that provides an easy way for you to access data from your application and perform tasks on it. API has basic functionalities:

    • Third-party organizations can use it to access the application’s data and perform automated tasks.
    • For example, if you want to create a game where players can bet on cryptocurrency prices and make deals with each other, you can use an API to collect real-time price data from multiple exchanges and then use this information in your game.
    • The API allows us to build our own applications with much functionality. We can use it as a way to expand our apps with new features, plugins, and integrations.

4. Blockchain

Blockchain technology provides a secure environment where the data concerning trades between users is processed and stored (any tampering is impossible).

5. Testing

Testing is essential to modern application development, as it allows for distinguishing and eliminating most of the bugs within the logic. It also allows checking that the UI works correctly, which is extremely important since it can influence the application’s user experience and overall performance.

6. Security

Making a secure architecture while creating the back end of the application is essential. It will serve to store confidential information safely. 

Some critical components of the exchange are located on different servers. The secured dedicated servers also contain encryption keys. It means that your private keys are stored in heavily-guarded cold storage. They are backed up to multiple secured offsite locations.

7. User Authentication

  • Users can log in to applications using two-factor authentication. 
  • When they log in to their account, a notification is sent to the user, specifying their location and IP address.
  • Data is encrypted using the newest algorithm, SHA-256, which is secure and cannot be hacked.
  • Whenever the original message is edited, it generates a hash, which is a unique signature of the text. Users can compare the generated with the received hash. The decoding of a hash is impossible because it is not encrypted.
  • Anyone who wishes to verify the validity of the hashes can access the database that stores the hashes.


Blockchain is a wondrous technology that can modernize business operations and provide increased security, transparency, and operational efficiency to markets. It could be a daunting process for anyone to develop a blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange app. It would be best if you had someone who has expertise in all aspects of the process. BloxBytes can advise you on which type of virtual currency would be best for your needs. We provide better blockchain consultancy services to meet your business objectives with the ultimate goal of increasing productivity and profitability. Get in touch with Bloxbytes.
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