Project Overview

The Private Jet Pyjama Party (PJPP) is known for its unique NFTs sold via a web platform. These NFTs feature owl-based characters that depict rockstars, rappers, athletes, and crypto visionaries relaxing in their large-cabin jets. These nocturnal characters are portrayed enjoying buckets of PJCFC – a brand extension of KFC and Jack Daniels – while listening to iPods. PJPP’s distinctive artworks have set records, selling for over USD 100,000 and being exhibited in world-class museums.

The PJPP NFTs are hand-drawn by the renowned artist Benny Robinson, who has worked with industry giants like Apple and Disney, and has collaborated with celebrities and brands such as Snoop Dogg, The Rolling Stones, LVMH, Metallica, and Palace in the music and fashion sectors.

Project Requirements

The client specified the development of the PJPP website and the associated smart contract. We recommended using the ERC-721 standard over ERC-1155 to reduce transfer fees. Additionally, the client requested that we create programmatic images; they provided the necessary layers for us to develop an algorithm to generate NFTs.

The project required the creation of 10,000 NFTs within a stringent deadline of 2-3 weeks. Our tasks included image generation, launching, releasing, and revealing the NFTs on their platform.

BloxBytes Solutions

In the initial collection, BloxBytes launched a series of 10,000 Male Owl NFTs, offering their club members the opportunity to mint these NFTs before they were made available to the public. Three sales were conducted as part of this project. Following the successful launch of the Male Owl NFT series, a second series featuring Female Owls was introduced, but it was limited to only 3,333 pieces.

The Female Owl NFTs sold in record numbers and achieved significant success, prompting more marketing events. Five months after the Female Owls were minted, a free sale of Baby Owls took place in September 2022. Another five months later, each couple owning Male and Female Owl NFTs received a free Baby Owl through an airdrop.

Special Privileges for Club Members

  • Private jet flights with preferred rates

  • Crypto payments for flights with their partners

  • A partnership with Cipriani which offers access to Casa Cipriani

  • NFTs being exhibited in world-class museums

  • Access to the PJPP Porsche Racing Tour sponsorship event

  • PJPP Golf World Tour sponsorship event

  • Access to the Bored Ape Yacht Club metaverse land

  • Exclusive merch from Sease was given to the PJPP club members

  • Collaboration with 10+ fashion brands

  • Free IRL collectibles such as PJPP pyjamas and PJPP logo-branded baseball caps Features

  • Bulk minting
  • Delayed release
  • Image generation
  • Royalty Module
  • Image compression

Results - This is where BloxBytes comes in

The PJPP NFTs have been displayed in world-class museums and achieved record-breaking sales, with unique artworks selling for over $100,000. PJPP is recognized as one of the most successful European NFT projects, supported by BloxBytes. In the future, they plan to launch their private jets, allowing NFT holders to join events as members of their VIP Club.

In the first sale of the Male Owl series, the total market cap reached $1,150,000, with a total of 310 ETH transacted. The second sale, featuring the Female Owl series, achieved a market cap of $2,756,000 and 870.24 ETH in transactions. The third sale, of the Baby Owl series, had a market cap of $364,400 with 221.14 ETH transacted.

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Jamie Thomson
Jamie Thomson

(CEO & Founder Of Vulcan Forged )

Our partnership with BloxBytes has played a pivotal role in our growth journey. Their skilled team converted our concept into a high-performing product. They offered solutions, insights, and concepts that expanded the understanding of our own domain. With an extensive knowledge of the blockchain market, their team perfectly addressed our specific needs. Through the creation of multiple Proof of Concepts (POCs), BloxBytes developed our NFT marketplace, decentralized exchange, and the comprehensive wallet management solution, ‘myforge’.

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