Our Approach

We serve our clients in the gaming industry using an agile methodology including;

Requirement Analysis

We begin by thoroughly analyzing and understanding the needs and objectives of the project, in order to provide a tailored solution.


We gather and analyze all the relevant data, ensuring that project requirements are clear throughout the document-making process.


We start by designing and then develop a blockchain & web3-based solution by ensuring that the end product is robust and working seamlessly.

Maintenance & Support

After development, we provide complete maintenance & support to ensure a smooth operation and an immersive gaming experience.

Web3 and Blockchain Solutions For Gaming Industry

Better Control
A single entity, the developer, has traditionally dominated the video game industry. Luckily, blockchain eliminates the one-way street in the gaming industry. Instead, gamers can now gather and exchange virtual items on a p2p level.
Increased Security
The game industry strives for a more secure environment with no bugs; updates will preserve your progress. In addition, blockchain encryption protects players' items from hackers because servers only receive their data.
Ownership Of In-Game Assets
Blockchain offers the ability to share digital assets securely. Blockchain allows gamers to keep control of their in-game assets and take them from one game world into another. Hence, gamers don’t need a 3rd party to buy, sell or trade items and in-game purchases.
Improved Payments
Blockchain is gaining momentum, and gamers are harnessing most of its power. Traditionally, payment methods in gaming have been cost-ineffective and fraudulent, but with blockchain, they're p2p and decentralised!
Scarcity Of In-Game Items
Unlike other games, blockchain developers create rare assets with intrinsic value. The value of these rare digital assets is based purely on demand. In a blockchain-based game, the scarcity of in-game items can increase their value.

Developers create decentralised games to get rid of problems like cheating and the secrecy of data. Blockchain technology offers the gaming industry ultra-fast monetisation, secure ownership and transparency.

We Transform
Businesses with Web3


- Web 3.0 Gaming Ecosystem

BloxBytes helps Vulcan Forged become a Multi-dApp blockchain platform, develop a top-five NFT marketplace, and improve the whole ecosystem of Vulcan Forged.


- A Platform Purely For Digital Artworks

A NFT platform for digital collectibles and non-fungible tokens created by BloxBytes that allows artists to display their artwork digitally.

Private Jet Pyjama Party

- A Project Focused On NFTs

BloxBytes contributed to Private Jet Pyjama Party’s record-breaking sales as the most successful European NFT project.


- Plug-in One-Play Solution for Gaming

A customized Layer-1 blockchain that can be converted into a Layer-2 solution, enabling 100x faster transactions at 1% of the cost.

Words From Our Clients!

We have worked with numerous clients, and our customers speak highly of what we’ve accomplished. But don’t take our word for it. We’ll let the testimonials from past partners tell you how great we are!

Jamie Thomson

(CEO & Founder Of VF)

Vulcan Forged started working with Vaival Technologies (doing business as Bloxbytes) very early; they have helped us grow in many ways. We needed a strong team who could turn our ideas into actual projects. They gave us solutions, limitations, and concepts we didn’t know before. Their team has a deep knowledge of the blockchain market and understands the needs of our company, our stakeholders, and, most importantly, our customer’s needs. The team created multiple POCs to save time and helped us build an NFT marketplace, decentralized exchange, and complete wallet management solution known as “myforge” using their blockchain expertise.

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