Our Approach

We use an agile methodology to provide clients with the best digital marketing
experience possible, including;


Requirement Analysis

We begin by thoroughly analyzing and understanding the unique needs and objectives of the project in the digital marketing industry.



We document all relevant data, ensuring selected blockchain and web3 solutions enhance security protocols, data flow, and system architecture.



We design and develop technology solutions to manage data in the digital marketing industry, in alignment with the client's specific requirements.


Maintenance & Support

We provide complete maintenance ensuring smooth operations, including monitoring for bugs and implementing updates.

Web3 and Blockchain Solutions For Digital Marketing

Project Consultancy
Our Digital Marketing Experts will guide and work side by side with you throughout the entire process of your project, from start to finish.
Business Plan
Our team develops a business plan with the client, analyzing the best monetisation, profitability, and ROI options for the project.
Budget Definition
How? When? Where? At what price? We’ll do all the work, so you don’t have to. We develop strategies that are unique for each client and project type.
Strategy Plan
Before launching any campaign, we work on a strategic plan that contemplates the fundamental axes to achieve the proposed objectives of the client.

Marketing Revolution
We apply our experience in traditional digital marketing to exploit the full potential of web3 technology.
Crypto  Consultancy
Our crypto professionals can advise, accompany, guide, or simply enhance any web3 project.

We Transform
Businesses with Web3


- Web 3.0 Gaming Ecosystem

BloxBytes helps Vulcan Forged become a Multi-dApp blockchain platform, develop a top-five NFT marketplace, and improve the whole ecosystem of Vulcan Forged.


- A Platform Purely For Digital Artworks

A NFT platform for digital collectibles and non-fungible tokens created by BloxBytes that allows artists to display their artwork digitally.

Private Jet Pyjama Party

- A Project Focused On NFTs

BloxBytes contributed to Private Jet Pyjama Party’s record-breaking sales as the most successful European NFT project.


- Plug-in One-Play Solution for Gaming

A customized Layer-1 blockchain that can be converted into a Layer-2 solution, enabling 100x faster transactions at 1% of the cost.

Words From Our Clients!

We have worked with numerous clients, and our customers speak highly of what we’ve accomplished. But don’t take our word for it. We’ll let the testimonials from past partners tell you how great we are!

Jamie Thomson

(CEO & Founder Of VF)

Vulcan Forged started working with Vaival Technologies (doing business as Bloxbytes) very early; they have helped us grow in many ways. We needed a strong team who could turn our ideas into actual projects. They gave us solutions, limitations, and concepts we didn’t know before. Their team has a deep knowledge of the blockchain market and understands the needs of our company, our stakeholders, and, most importantly, our customer’s needs. The team created multiple POCs to save time and helped us build an NFT marketplace, decentralized exchange, and complete wallet management solution known as “myforge” using their blockchain expertise.

Our Latest Insight

10+ Years of Excellence in Building Comprehensive Web3 and Blockchain Solutions