Project Overview

SentiPay is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that allows cryptocurrency transactions, including different wallets (crypto and fiat), so users can perform transactions with multiple currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others. SentiPay Wallet enables consumers, merchants and investors to transact, store, swap, send, buy and earn cryptocurrency from a single mobile application. It holds your private key and has 100% control over your funds.

Project Requirements

The client wanted to develop a mobile wallet and launch it in the non-crypto market of South Africa. Only now, there has been a means for users to trade cryptocurrencies in that country. The team BloxBytes made a SentiPay wallet that could facilitate users to buy digital coins with their credit cards. The client requested a mobile wallet that would manage multiple transactions involving both crypto and fiat currencies. The challenge was to create a mobile wallet that could manage funds and cryptocurrencies since the app’s purpose was to launch SentiPay’s token to make it more usable. As a result, people could buy crypto coins with fiat money or dollars without using an exchange. One of SentiPay’s biggest obstacles was that all significant exchanges use USDT as their standard for purchasing cryptocurrency.

BloxBytes Solutions

As a technology partner, we developed SentiPay wallet which allows users to buy cryptocurrency with their credit cards. This platform converts South African Rands into desired cryptocurrencies and connects them to USDT. To facilitate trading on UniSwap, we created the app’s ERC-20 token, called ZARC. We designed the app with dual modes, consumer and merchant, so users could switch modes in seconds. In addition, we developed a built-in swap feature to enable users to exchange crypto with no KYC. In compliance with local data restrictions, we integrated a South African provider of Know Your Customer (KYC) services to verify the identities of our South African customers.

Features of the SentiPay App

  • 2FA for registration/login

  • Biometric Login

  • QR Payments

  • Multi Currency Support (USDT & SAR)

  • Username-based transactions

  • Download transaction history in Xls and PDF.

  • View all transaction history items on the blockchain with the click of a button.

  • A simple withdrawal system for ZARc (for South African users only).

  • Back up the wallet using a mnemonic phrase.

  • Secure Display to view private and public keys.

  • Reward points history and balance displays.

Results - This is where BloxBytes comes in

The SentiPay platform proudly lists Rand Cash (ZARc), a stablecoin built on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Wallet users are encouraged to switch to low-fee cryptocurrencies such as XPR, XLM, and BCH to save fees and speed up transactions. SentiPay Wallet supports the following cryptocurrencies: BCH (Bitcoin Cash), XPR (Ripple), XLM (Stellar Lumens), USDT Tether (SLP), and ZARc (Rand Cash). SentiPay transactions are free and consumers earn 1% REWARD POINTS per transaction while merchants bear the transaction fees. Additionally, merchants could offer rewards points at zero cost and save on transaction fees. We ensure that all users accumulate at least $2 (USDT) worth of rewards points before using them to pay for miner fees and any additional fees required by the blockchain. As a result, the SentiPay Wallet is the future of payments that are cheaper, faster and decentralised and more convenient than any other payment system purely developed by BloxBytes.

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Words From Our Clients!

We have worked with numerous clients, and our customers speak highly of what we’ve accomplished. But don’t take our word for it. We’ll let the testimonials from past partners tell you how great we are!

Jamie Thomson
Jamie Thomson

(CEO & Founder Of Vulcan Forged )

Vulcan Forged started working with BloxBytes very early; they have helped us grow in many ways. We needed a strong team who could turn our ideas into actual projects. They gave us solutions, limitations, and concepts we didn’t know before. Their team has a deep knowledge of the blockchain market and understands the needs of our company, our stakeholders, and, most importantly, our customer’s needs. The team created multiple POCs to save time and helped us build an NFT marketplace, decentralized exchange, and complete wallet management solution known as “myforge” using their blockchain expertise.

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