Project Overview

KoinKoin is an African-focused digital assets exchange where fiat meets cryptocurrency. It was a mobile app on Android and iPhone. In a post-Brexit and post-pandemic world, KoinKoin makes it easier to buy, sell and transfer digital assets across Africa, South East Asia, and Western Europe.

Our Approach to Problems

We created a mobile app for both Android and iPhone for the African community. The primary purpose was to create an App where they could buy, sell, and invest the cryptos. The major challenge was to develop an App within the minimum budget and timeline; therefore, we chose cross App platform instead of a Native App. Here, we had a single codebase for both platforms.

Services Offered

At first, we created a single codebase for both platforms, i.e., Android and iPhone. But that was not the solution because users could not legally buy and sell cryptos in another country. There is a strict KYC that you need to get through to buy or sell cryptos legally. Once KYC is approved, users can only buy and sell legally. Your identity is secured because each wallet address has a 16–20-digit hash representing your identity. Through KYC, we take the complete information of the user before allowing them to buy and sell. Generally, a third party provides the services of KYC. User onboarding requires basic information like email, password, and identity certificates. By logging into the KYC, users will see listing pairs of Ethereum and other cryptos from which they can buy or sell according to their needs.

Results - This is where BloxBytes comes in

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Words From Our Clients!

We have worked with numerous clients, and our customers speak highly of what we’ve accomplished. But don’t take our word for it. We’ll let the testimonials from past partners tell you how great we are!

Jamie Thomson
Jamie Thomson

(CEO & Founder Of Vulcan Forged )

Vulcan Forged started working with BloxBytes very early; they have helped us grow in many ways. We needed a strong team who could turn our ideas into actual projects. They gave us solutions, limitations, and concepts we didn’t know before. Their team has a deep knowledge of the blockchain market and understands the needs of our company, our stakeholders, and, most importantly, our customer’s needs. The team created multiple POCs to save time and helped us build an NFT marketplace, decentralized exchange, and complete wallet management solution known as “myforge” using their blockchain expertise.

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