Project Overview

KoinKoin is a digital assets exchange designed to meet the needs of users in Africa, facilitating the exchange of fiat and cryptocurrency. Available as a mobile app on both Android and iPhone, KoinKoin simplifies buying, selling, and transferring digital assets across Africa, Southeast Asia, and Western Europe in a post-Brexit and post-pandemic landscape.

Our Approach to Problems

We developed a mobile app for both Android and iPhone tailored to the needs of the African community. The app enables users to buy, sell, and invest in cryptocurrencies. Faced with the challenge of developing the app within a tight budget and timeline, we opted for a cross-platform approach rather than a native application. This strategy allowed us to use a single codebase for both platforms, optimizing our resources and development time

Services Offered

Initially, we developed a unified codebase for both Android and iPhone platforms. However, this approach alone did not address the legal complexities of buying and selling cryptocurrencies internationally. Strict Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations must be adhered to for legal transactions. Once KYC verification is complete, users are authorized to buy and sell cryptocurrencies legally. This process ensures security as each wallet address is linked to a 16-20 digit hash that represents the user's identity. KYC involves collecting comprehensive user information, typically facilitated by a third-party service. User onboarding requires basic details such as email, password, and identity documents. Upon successful KYC login, users gain access to listings of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, enabling them to transact according to their needs.

Results - This is where BloxBytes comes in

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Words From Our Clients!

We have a diverse clientele that speaks highly of our services and the solutions we offer. With our expertise, we ensure to extend a productive and growth-oriented partnership to our customers. Let our clients\' success stories speak for the quality and dedication we bring to every collaboration

Jamie Thomson
Jamie Thomson

(CEO & Founder Of Vulcan Forged )

Our partnership with BloxBytes has played a pivotal role in our growth journey. Their skilled team converted our concept into a high-performing product. They offered solutions, insights, and concepts that expanded the understanding of our own domain. With an extensive knowledge of the blockchain market, their team perfectly addressed our specific needs. Through the creation of multiple Proof of Concepts (POCs), BloxBytes developed our NFT marketplace, decentralized exchange, and the comprehensive wallet management solution, ‘myforge’.

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