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Blockchain in Gaming

in Gaming

Blockchain technology disrupts a range of industries, and it has the potential to revolutionise gaming. As a result, a new era of games is starting where developers can engage their community members directly and significantly reduce development costs. In addition, the transparency and fair distribution of profits will satisfy gaming enthusiasts more.

Gamers have always desired to own virtual items rather than sell them for a fraction of their actual worth. Blockchain aims to change this paradigm by creating a virtual marketplace with an economy where users can store, buy and sell their digital items.

Blockchain in the gaming market is providing better security and transparency. Gamers will have a rewarding experience promoting community engagement and decentralisation.

BloxBytes have blockchain evangelists who provide the best blockchain solutions. Your competitors are already on it: exploring Blockchain as a new tool to drive their business. Are you left behind? Our experts are inclined to make the Blockchain economy contribute to your revenue growth. We use our experience to help companies worldwide stay competitive with distributed ledger technologies. With our mix of technical and business talent, BloxBytes will continue to lead blockchain consulting solutions into the future.

Use-Cases of Blockchain In Gaming

Use-Cases of Blockchain In Gaming

Improved Gaming Experience

Players must go via a verification method when buying in-game assets. And game developers find ways to integrate game incentives and enhance the security of their games to ensure that gamers can play more smoothly. As a new technology, Blockchain can solve all these problems mentioned above through its security and decentralisation features and perhaps become a solution for the trust issue in games.

Non-Fungible Tokens

Gamers can buy and sell in-game assets, such as skins, weapons, characters, and rare in-game assets. Gamers can access their game assets anywhere, anytime. Because of Blockchain in gaming, gamers can have actual ownership over the in-game assets they have purchased as NFTs.

Play to Earn model

P2E combines two activities; reward and entertainment. Developers can create a P2E game model where users can play and earn tokens or crypto while playing. As players invest more time and effort in the game, they become part of the in-game economy (tokenomics), which creates value for the game ecosystem, other participants, and developers. Players receive an incentive for participating and playing in the form of digital assets (NFTs).


The future of gaming is decentralised, where users can experience exciting games in a fully immersive environment filled with other players. The Metaverse is a blockchain-based virtual world where users can own land or items like the real world, with the security and safety of ownership.

Integrated profiles

Each profile gets verified on a blockchain network. Many games suffer from hacking because they don’t have adequate security measures. Blockchain technology has become the ideal solution for the future of online gaming platforms because of these vulnerabilities. Game developers can create a merged gaming store with multiple games where players can buy in-game assets. Hence, Gamers can use in-game purchases on similar gaming platforms.


Gamers and collectors value rarity and authenticity, and the scarcity of NFTs is provable through the immutable records embedded in an NFT’s underlying blockchain network. This distributed public ledger validates uniqueness and ownership history. Furthermore, NFTs are created on public networks because a forgery is less likely to occur on open networks.

Blockchain in Gaming

Enhanced features

of Blockchain in Gaming

Better control

Traditionally, developers take control of the gamers’ accounts and items in the video game industry. Blockchain technology provides an opportunity to restore fairness and endow gamers with real value. Blockchain aims to eliminate the one-way street built into traditional games, where publishers control everything, store player information, and sell game currency at a premium. Instead, blockchain technology gives gamers a chance to meet each other worldwide by exchanging virtual items, currencies and gaming time.

Increased security

The game industry strives for a more secure gaming environment with a preliminary result. There are no pesky bugs in blockchain games; updates will not destroy your progress, and no hackers can steal your items or crack your accounts. Developers use blockchain encryption to keep anybody from hacking the player’s items. Since servers receive only players’ data, this system gives players a secure gaming environment.

Ownership of in-game assets

Blockchain technology offers the ability to share digital assets securely. Blockchain gaming allows gamers to control their in-game assets and own them rather than relying on game developers. Also, gamers can transfer their assets to other games using the same technology. Hence, gamers do not need a third party to buy, sell or trade their items and in-game purchases.

Improved payments

Blockchain is all the rage, and gamers are poised to be at the forefront of this technology that will transform the gaming industry. Payment methods in traditional gaming were not cost-effective, and players often lose thousands of dollars daily to this fraudulent behaviour. Blockchain enables improved payment methods because blockchain transactions are peer-to-peer and decentralised, so no scammers are involved.

Scarcity of in-game items

In contrast with other types of games, blockchain game developers select different approaches. For example, they are creating rare in-game assets with intrinsic value. The value of these rare digital assets is based purely on demand. Blockchain makes it possible to integrate your game into a system where in-game items have a value that relies on scarcity.


Developers create decentralised games to eliminate many troubling issues in modern games: cheating, the secrecy of data, price manipulation, and long delivery times. Blockchain technology offers all the advantages of ultra-fast monetisation and secure ownership with transparency to the gaming industry.

Business to generate more results

Blockchain-Based Gaming Business Could

Be A Lucrative Venture

User engagement

Gaming platforms can attract gamers and investors through innovative mechanisms like digital coins. Although, gamers can use digital currencies to buy character skins, weapons, and other gaming collectables for trading or selling within the game. Moreover, gamers can also exchange their cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. As a result, the crypto investment community will get attracted. As a result, players can make money through their games.


Blockchain in gaming allows developers to monetise their gaming services quickly, securely, and efficiently. Another motivating factor is virtual events and contests that are paramount to the gaming industry. Blockchain technology can facilitate various functions by tracking and verifying contest winners.

Better gaming experience

Blockchain 3D Virtual Reality Gaming offers players a gateway to limitless possibilities. Blockchain makes it easy for players to buy, sell or exchange virtual assets created via marketplaces. Furthermore, Blockchain secures gaming data, creating a favourable environment for gamers. As a result of the three-dimensional experience and the simulation of real-world assets, the players have access to an unlimited gaming space.

Better outcome

A ​blockchain-based decentralised gaming​ platform is a revolutionary idea that can make the gaming community even more active, not to mention an in-game currency that will allow the players to buy any in-game object an unlimited number of times. As a result, gamers will experience a new experience and immersion during gameplay, resulting in increased revenue.

How Can We Support Your

How Can We Support Your

Business Outcomes

Work process

We employ a proven methodology to develop a remarkable strategy to create a solution that satisfies the client’s needs. Next, we design and develop an MVP (minimum viable product) to help our clients attain their goals and enhanced workflow. Finally, our team customises the blockchain application according to the customer’s vision.

Decentralised apps

We follow all the steps to deliver high-quality, user-friendly dApp and marketplaces that provide a seamless user experience. Our blockchain experts use innovative approaches to ensure the best outcomes for each project to satisfy our clients with the final results.


We aim to deliver a gaming Dapp that fits the unique needs of your business, as determined by our blockchain experts. After providing the Dapp, we enhance its performance using the latest processes to ensure ongoing success by giving you 24/7 support and maintenance. Consequently, your business offers revenue through a robust user experience, providing maximum growth, scalability, and portability.

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