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Bloxbytes offers Blockchain Solutions for Financial Services exclusively to remove the obstacle that hinder your organisation’s growth 

Blockchain In Fintech Industry

Blockchain In Fintech Industry

Banks have realised the true potential of blockchain technology to transform their services and pull in broader synergies within their ecosystem. Securing data has been a great challenge for the fintech industry, with no concrete solutions. Data breaches and cyber-attacks have undermined trust in security, but that’s changing now. Blockchain technology revolutionises how you protect your information through innovative, decentralised methods.

Our Blockchain in fintech solution is the easiest way for anyone to leverage blockchain technology. The size of your business doesn’t matter; we’ll integrate blockchain technology and help you track what matters.

BloxBytes is a high-end Blockchain solutions and services provider. Our team is a world-class group of solution pros and experts of Blockchain in financial services, as well as many other industries, who know how to make your business more effective. We use our experience to help companies worldwide stay competitive with distributed ledger technologies. With our mix of technical and business talent, BloxBytes will continue to lead blockchain consulting solutions into the future.

Use-Cases of Blockchain In Fintech Industry

Use-cases of

Blockchain in Fintech

The fintech industry will benefit from smart contracts and faster transactions that assure identity and security. Discover how it can serve businesses most transparently.

Real-time payments

With Blockchain Technology, you can confirm the transaction in seconds, compared to 3+ days for traditional payment methods. As a result, Blockchain makes real-time payments more accessible and transparent, saving you and your customers time and money.

Financial Trade

Traditional trading processes relied on paper-based procedures that were inefficient, fraudulent, and delayed. Blockchain enables banks to settle trades on a public ledger for transparency, saving time, and reducing costs, bringing real value to their end-users: the traders and their clients.

Cross-border payments

Traditional banks charge too much for international transfers, and customers want a cheaper, faster way to move money. The use of blockchain technology could help reduce transaction costs and eliminate third-party involvement while simultaneously speeding up transactions.

Identity verification

The finance industry is under continuous attack by hackers. Blockchain technology mitigates risks; for example, It verifies customers’ identities. In addition, Blockchain provides transparency and reliability of an online ledger to store data, enhancing the experience for banks, their consumers, and even society.

Security management

Blockchain can completely reshape payment processing and financial service. For individuals, blockchain technology offers transparent, safe, and flexible alternatives for processing payments. In addition, Blockchain’s security management can provide a novel way of interacting with investors and stakeholders.

Crypto adoption

Blockchain has already started to disrupt nearly every industry, potentially creating substantial growth for all investors. Crypto adoption will lead to a significant shift in the financial sector, giving rise to new products and services.

Blockchain In Fintech Industry

Benefits of Blockchain in fintech industry


Digitisation ensures data integration, which enables asset provenance, transaction history, and increased credibility in business interactions while supporting regulatory compliance auditability requirements. Improved security: With the emergence of Blockchain, the Internet is about to become decentralised. Blockchains can handle compliance, data privacy, identity, governance, know your customer/Anti-money laundering attributes, system incentives, and features that serve stakeholder participation for voting and other rights.


The streamlining of processes allows for real-time payment, audit, and reporting, lowers processing times and errors and annihilates the need for multiple steps and mediators to achieve the same level of convictions traditional processes do.


Streamlining and automating processes reduces the cost of infrastructure, operation, and transaction.

Market reactivity

Digital securities are the future of financial transactions. Blockchain technology allows us to move away from standardised securities transactions and into bespoke digital financial instruments matched directly to investor demand.

Decentralised economy

Open, global and fraud-resistant systems powered by blockchain technology provide accessibility and transparency to billions of people. We make it easy to create, buy and trade digital assets fast.

Possibilities for Fintech industry

Business Possibilities for the Fintech industry

The use of blockchain technology facilitates value transfer and control by eliminating third-party intermediaries and increasing network transparency. As a result, the transfer of ownership rights can be more efficient and reduce costs in securities.

International payment

Blockchain in fintech can be a great alternative to traditional finances. It has the potential to make global payment systems safer and more efficient. In addition, it allows you to easily take advantage of market movement while ensuring low transaction costs and optional privacy.

Smart contracts

Cryptocurrency has enabled many financial services, such as payment remittance and cross-border transactions. Performing due diligence on counterparties and inspecting goods shipments is possible using smart contract platforms based on crypto assets.

Capital market

Blockchain is reshaping capital markets by reducing operational costs and improving the speed of transactions. Blockchain technology is changing the way fintech industries operate.

Automated process

A new paradigm of Blockchain technology is fundamentally changing how we work, live, and interact. There is a growing concern about money laundering and terrorist financing thanks to blockchain technology which automates everything and saves time.

Support Your Business

How can we Support

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Minimum viable product

Our methodology is simple: plan, build, test, repeat. Through a mix of on-chain and off-chain work, we contribute to the whole user experience. We follow agile development methodology, so that we can adjust directions based on client feedback. In addition, we provide a document trail, so the client can easily see what decisions we need to make and why. Finally, we always create a dynamic, working prototype (before developing an MVP) that you can use to get feedback from every stakeholder. As a result, the client can have a creative, efficient workflow with our solutions.

Admin Panel & UI

Our development process roots in transparency to allow quick decision-making. Therefore, the user interface and admin panel should be simple, comfortable, intuitive, and flexible for user data access. We provide both kinds of admin panels so that our clients can track users’ analytics as soon as the application exists in the console. User-end admin panels utilise front-end programming languages (HTML, CSS, JS), external databases and designated app servers. The client-side admin panel uses JavaScript frameworks (AngularJS, ReactJS).

Smart contracts

Traditional trading processes relied on paper-based procedures that were inefficient, fraudulent, and delayed. Blockchain enables banks to settle trades on a public ledger for transparency, saving time, and reducing costs, bringing real value to their end-users: the traders and their clients.

Decentralised Application (Dapp)

Bloxbytes is a leading blockchain solution provider that can simultaneously develop, test, and launch fintech applications. We specialise in building Dapps tailored to clients’ needs, with an instinctive user interface, using encryption and security protocols to provide a win-win. In addition, our experts consider every detail while developing a dApp, whether you want to build a mobile app, require changes in the existing blockchain architecture, or modify a decentralised application (dApp).

Payment gateway

Cryptocurrency payment gateways are indispensable for the fintech industry because they authorise private, secure online transactions. Your customers can pay you in any currency anywhere in the world with Crypto Payment Gateway integration services. Furthermore, as a convenience to our clients, we can integrate a variety of crypto payment gateways at their request.

24/7 support

From planning to deployment, we work with you to develop a fintech application that meets your unique business requirements and exceeds your expectations. Afterwards, we deliver seamless on-demand software maintenance and 24/7 support to enhance performance. Finally, we employ the latest processes to ensure your fintech application continues to generate revenue, so you can focus on growing your business.

Makes Bloxbytes Different?

What Makes Bloxbytes Different?


As business stakeholders, need assistance in adopting new technology, making a global presence, growing revenue, and boosting profits.


begin with a conversation about what you require from an enterprise blockchain consulting partner - today and in the future.

We’ve got the expertise to bring your ideas to life cost-effectively, from business strategy to blockchain advisory and design to development and ongoing support. Whether you are an early adopter or already in the game, our team guides you through all steps of integrating blockchain technology into your business.

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