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NFTs 2.0: How Utility NFT Impacting the Real World in 2024?

Let’s recall how easy it was to own art. A real painting by an artist that you hang on your wall. Art was then stored as computer files in the digital age. However, the question arises, how can you establish or validate your digital ownership? NFTs came as a solution that allowed viewers to possess original copies of artworks. NFTs have completely changed the art world. These digital certificates function similarly to a VIP Pass called NFT Utility. It provides special access to events organized by the artist or museum, savings on prints, merchandise, or upcoming artwork, and even the ability to vote on choices regarding the artwork or the artist’s next projects. The safe and sound ownership of these NFTs is guaranteed by blockchain technology, a secure record-keeping system, which makes them special and exclusive. In this blog, we will learn about What are utility tokens or NFT Utility, their examples, ideas, use cases, and some exciting real-life projects to know how it is unveiling the future by redefining ownership with real-world impact;

What is NFT Utility?

Utility NFTs are a class of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that use smart contracts to unlock additional value and functionality. These tokens differ from traditional NFTs, which function as unique digital certificates of ownership stored on a secure blockchain ledger.  Furthermore, utility NFTs incorporate smart contract functionality, defining pre-determined actions or benefits triggered upon ownership or specific events, offering a more transparent and immutable ownership record. nft utility

How do Utility NFTs work?

Utility NFTs are digital assets. They are created and minted on a blockchain platform that defines properties, ownership details, and associated utilities. Utility NFT functions by logging their electronic signature onto a particular blockchain. The creation and ownership of the asset are recorded in the digital ledger. Similarly, smart contracts govern the NFT’s behavior and interaction with holders and external systems. On the other hand, developers can distribute benefits according to the blockchain data and allocate them to particular batches of assets.  Utility NFTs can interact with external systems, DApps, or other NFTs through predefined interfaces and protocols. The value proposition of utility NFTs lies in tangible benefits such as exclusive access to events, discounts on goods and services, or participation in decentralized ecosystems. In some cases, utility tokens native to a specific ecosystem can be used to unlock additional features or services associated with the NFT. By incorporating utility NFTs into decentralized ecosystems, developers can foster deeper user engagement and facilitate the exchange of value within decentralized networks. By incorporating utility NFTs into decentralized ecosystems, developers can foster deeper user engagement and facilitate the exchange of value within decentralized networks.

Types of Utility NFT Tokens 

As more projects of this kind arise, a few different types of utility NFTs can be identified depending on their intended use; nft utility

1. Utility NFTs in Event Access

Utility NFTs are popular for offering access to specific events, such as the Coachella Music Festival and the Scope Art Festival in Miami. These NFTs provide ease of access by requiring users to scan a barcode or receive wristbands to physically or digitally access the event. They also offer exclusivity, as exclusive events have been appealing to the public for centuries. For example, exclusive restaurants with long waitlists offer tables through NFTs, and the tech-forward target audience is happy to buy multi-year and lifetime passes. 

2. Royalty-based utility NFTs

Non-fungible tokens are being used to sell royalties to intellectual property as Music NFTs. It allows holders to get profit from it. This innovative use of NFTs by musicians and creatives connects with fans and offers them an investment opportunity, with fans showing strong responses to such transactions. For instance, Rihanna’s song was tokenized in 2023 and its royalties sold as NFTs, giving fans a portion of the song’s profits.

3. Gaming Utility NFTs

Gaming ecosystems like Axie Infinity and Loot widely use utility tokens for trading in-game characters and items, leveling up, and other purposes. Utility NFTs appeal to the gamer crowd who understands the value of each NFT and enhances their gaming experience. 

4. Governance Utility Tokens

Digital projects issue NFTs to users with governance rights. The aim is to allow users to vote on future decisions within the ecosystem. Users can get incentives for investment of their time and money, especially in DAOs – decentralized autonomous organizations. K-pop group TripleS uses a Polygon-based voting system to allow fans to select songs for future albums.

NFT Utility Ideas 

Tired of static digital pictures? Utility NFTs are revolutionizing how we interact with digital assets by unlocking real-world ideas for owners. Let’s check some exciting NFT Utility use cases:
  • Savings and Promotional Codes: NFTs can function as graphic representations of promo codes or other discounts or coupons.
  • Metaverse Events: NFTs can represent passes to virtual or metaverse events, like concerts or other events.
  • Exclusive Experiences: NFTs may grant access to unique events such as private tours or meet-and-greets.
  • Tangible Goods: NFTs can stand for the ownership of tangible goods, like fine art authenticity certificates.
  • Drop Access and the Allowlist: NFTs can signify entry to content or events that are restricted.
  • Airdrop NFT Calendar: NFTs may indicate that token holders will soon have access to upcoming “airdropped” tokens, prizes, or incentives using the NFT drop calendar.
  • Voting and Governance Rights: NFTs can stand for both the right to vote and the power of the government.
  • Loyalty Rewards: NFTs can represent rewards or points in loyalty schemes.
  • Exclusive Content: NFTs can signify unique content, like first access, VIP access, or behind-the-scenes access to an artist or creator.
  • Memberships and Event Tickets: NFTs can be used to purchase memberships or event tickets, giving users access to features and advantages that are exclusively available to members.

Functional Use Cases of Utility NFTs

NFTs are a digital currency that can be used for various purposes. Here are some; nft utility
  • Physical Items: NFTs prove ownership of physical items like RTFKT’s sneaker NFTs. Holders can redeem the corresponding physical sneakers that blends digital and physical ownership seamlessly.
  • Event Access: Familiar with the famous NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club and PJPP? They served an exclusive membership that granted access to events and parties. Holders of these NFTs enjoy privileges such as VIP treatment and networking opportunities within the community.
  • Channels on Discord: Collab.Land utilizes NFTs to control access to Discord channels. Only individuals possessing specific NFTs are permitted entry, fostering a sense of exclusivity and camaraderie among members.
  • Breeding: CryptoKitties NFTs introduce breeding mechanics. Breeding enables owners to create new NFTs by combining existing ones. This innovative feature adds depth to the NFT ecosystem of unique digital assets through genetic algorithms.
  • Airdrops: Airdrops involve the distribution of NFTs for free to recipients. Owners may opt to conduct airdrops as a marketing tactic, community-building initiative, or as a means of rewarding loyal supporters and participants.
  • Merging: There are NFT collections that offer merging functionalities. Merging allows owners to make a fusion of two NFTs into a single resulting in a more valuable asset. The procedure reduces the total number of NFTs in circulation resulting in enhanced rarity and desirability of the combined asset.
  • Burning: Certain NFTs provide owners permission to “burn” them which effectively remove them from circulation permanently. This feature is introduced to control supply, increase scarcity, or signify the end of a particular utility or phase for the NFT.
  • Fractional NFT Ownership: Flamingo DAO and Fractional.Art is the platforms that facilitate fractional NFT ownership. It allows multiple individuals to collectively own a single asset. Resulting in democratizing access to high-value NFTs, enabling broader participation and investment opportunities within the community.
  • Voting: Governance NFT holders can take part in organizational decision-making processes using voting systems. Each NFT represents a voting right. It allows stakeholders to influence the direction and policies of the associated entity.
  • Staking: Users can lock NFTs to earn rewards, typically in the form of native tokens or other incentives. Projects like Wolf Game incentivize holders to stake their NFTs by offering rewards such as $WOOL tokens, providing an additional avenue for generating value from digital assets.

Utility Token Examples

Looking for the best NFT utility for your community? You need to understand that it depends on the unique needs and objectives of the users. Like, gamers may benefit from unique in-game items, while artists can monetize their work through digital artifacts. Corporations can use NFTs to represent loyalty awards or exclusive content, while virtual world developers can use them to monetize virtual real estate. You can get the idea by looking at the existing NFT utility projects listed down below;  nft utility
  • Doodles

Doodles is an NFT project by Burnt Toast that allows token holders to vote for upcoming releases and activities. The project features 10,000 hand-drawn trinkets with vibrant characters and established the Doodlebank for future growth. The Space Doodles series showcases community involvement and decision-making, providing new communication channels for NFTs.

  • LinksDAO

LinksDAO is launching a web3-based golf community, aiming to reinvent the golf and country club experience. Members can participate in unique events and exclusive benefits, vote on the platform’s progress, and suggest new ideas, making LinksDAO’s NFTs more useful and active.

NFT Development Services: Revolutionizing Digital Ownership

The future of utility NFT is full of excitement as there will be a time when digital assets are seamlessly integrated with the creation of real value in the real world, providing a richer, more immersive experience for all players in the decentralized landscape. At BloxBytes, we understand the transformative potential of Utility NFTs and their role in shaping the future of digital ownership. If you’re looking towards creating dynamic and engaging digital experiences, consider exploring our NFT development services. With our expertise in blockchain technology and smart contract development, we can help bring your vision to life and unlock the full potential of Utility NFTs.


With the rise and popularity of Utility NFTs, the lines separating the digital and physical worlds are becoming less and less distinct. As explained in the blog, Utility NFTs give creators, companies, and collectors all sorts of opportunities, like fractional ownership, access to exclusive events, and voting in governance decisions. Thus, utility NFTs are going beyond simple static images and providing real-world experiences and benefits. This evolution represents a sea change in digital ownership as well as opens the door for more dynamic and interesting interactions within decentralized ecosystems. It also improves the relationship between owners and their NFTs. 

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