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How To Buy a Land in Metaverse – The Future of Real Estate

Metaverse has gained momentum with technologies fast-forwarding us into a new epoch of digital connectivity. The world has begun exploring this outlandish new technological revolution since Facebook rebranded itself as ‘Meta.’ As a result, there are many opportunities to invest in real estate and own virtual land in the metaverse. This article is a must-read if you are wondering how to buy land in the metaverse!

What is Metaverse Land? 

The term “metaverse” combines the words “meta” and “verse”. Meta means “beyond reality or an imagination”, and Verse tells “World”. A metaverse is a virtual world that allows its users to interact, socialize, and create without actually being present in it. Creators can monetize their content by charging for access or trading NFTs. Currently, the metaverse is experiencing a growing real estate market. Many people are taking advantage of it because it is so early. Celebrities buy homes to allow fans to visit them, brands create stores to sell their products at a markup, and businesses buy or sell properties to make money. Thousands of people are creating virtual worlds, which will soon be hugely prevalent. They plan to start by selling land in the new metaverse land players can own a piece of this new reality. how to buy land in metaverse

What do you need before buying a Metaverse property?

You don’t have to buy actual land. Instead, you can purchase digital real estate, an online property that exists only in the virtual world. But for that, you should obtain cryptocurrencies like MANA, Ether, or SAND. Here is an example of how VR platforms work and what you need to get before buying land in the metaverse;


Decentraland is the first functioning virtual reality blockchain platform where users can buy and sell pieces of land or trade them with each other.


The platform has its cryptocurrency, MANA, and uses it as the primary form of payment. The platform has a unique real-world infrastructure that users can also customize. Once you learn how to buy land in the metaverse, you can keep a check on its value to increase your chances of earning.


Transactions of metaverse land are recorded similarly to NFTs and digital assets. The virtual wallet stores your tokens and allows you to make transactions digitally. For example, Metamask and Binance are the most used wallets by users to keep their digital assets safe and secure.

If you need Decentralized finance for your metaverse, BloxBytes can assist, but before you decide, let’s see a quick guide about acquiring a metaverse land;

5 Steps to buying land in the Metaverse 

how to buy land in metaverse

1. Choose a platform:

Choosing the trustworthy and correct platform to own virtual land is essential. It can significantly impact your investment and overall success. There are various virtual real estate platforms, and they give their guidelines for buying land in the metaverse. You can purchase land parcels on primary and secondary marketplaces. Although there are many platforms, some of the best platforms include the following;


The platform is on the Ethereum blockchain, enabling it to create new tokens and smart contracts. NFTs are the new tokens that represent a piece of virtual land on a decentralized platform.

The Sandbox:

A platform currently holds more than half of all parcels of all platforms combined. By increasing the population and price of each property, this new platform will bring the land back to the forefront and make it more desirable as an investment.

NFT Worlds:

A platform that gives users complete control over their acquired worlds and actual ownership based on resource information on-chain data. Every player can generate their land and its features.

2. Cryptoverse

An exciting full of wisdom and an informational place to explore and learn. Land parcels are available to purchase from their site. The main factors that gamer thinks about are ownership, interoperability, eco-system, and transparency, and Cryptoverse is all about these terms.

Create your cryptocurrency or NFT wallet:

There are many different wallets for storing your digital tokens and assets. MetaMask, trust wallet, and Venly are some examples. Select a platform and make sure it’s compatible with the wallet you want to use!

Link your wallet to the metaverse:

Each metaverse platform has its signup method;

  • First, create an account
  • Link your wallet

3. Buy Cryptocurrency 

Start by registering for a marketplace like Binance. Once you are ready to explore or invest in an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), ensure that you have enough ETH/SAND/MANA in your wallet.

4. Move It to Your Cryptocurrency Wallet

You can use your Binance account to buy a suitable cryptocurrency with a credit or debit card and then transfer it from the exchange into your wallet.

5. Your First Piece of Digital Real Estate

Decided to own a piece of virtual land? Now, you must determine what parcel will most likely be valuable. Then, you can use either “Bid” on it if your budget allows or buy it. You must enter your offer amount when placing a bid for an item. Congratulations if the seller accepts your offer! You now own a virtual asset.

Benefits of investing in metaverse real estate

  1. Virtual experiences can be created and controlled for specific locations, including static 3D content, games, and events such as concerts or conferences featuring avatars (virtual representations of people).
  2. The Marketplace Owner will allow you to trade your Lands among other users in a decentralized way.
  3. As a Landowner, you can control what the user experiences once they enter your world.
  4. Earn tokens by interacting with advertisers in your land.

What can owners do with their metaverse land? 

  1. Participate in building, designing, hosting events, and building games for gamers.
  2. You can become a landlord and rent out your NFT plot for a sweet passive income.
  3. Rent and earn money without having to sell the NFT ultimately.
how to buy land in metaverse

Wrapping Up: 

We strive to provide you with all the information you need to buy land in the metaverse, as we discussed every aspect of the process in this article. You might be thinking about what the future holds for this technology. The answer is simple; VR will be more immersive and time-consuming than the Internet or social media, pointing to a strong lot for virtual reality in mass entertainment. If you acquire your metaverse platform or a game in which you want to integrate metaverse, BloxBytes can help you select the suitable protocol for your currency. Our blockchain experts can integrate metaverse in games by using the latest tech stack and can help you create Defi for your metaverse. Need Metafi; Defi for your metaverse? Connect with BloxBytes!
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