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Blockchain technology can help you solve supply chain business issues, such as fraud
prevention, operational costs, and transparency.

Blockchain in Supply chain Industry

in Supply Chain

The supply chain industry faces numerous challenges such as counterfeits, pilferage of goods, damaged products and inefficient waste management. Moreover, with a complex network of suppliers and distribution channels, the supply chain is a diverse ecosystem that lacks transparency.

However, due to its features, emerging technology has allowed companies to optimise blockchain in the supply chain. Blockchain technology can help solve numerous issues, making businesses more prominent and successful. It helps reduce fraud and inefficiencies as it reduces the involvement of third-party external companies.

In addition, it can help enhance the trustworthiness of products and their overall traceability throughout the supply chain cycle.

Use-cases of Blockchain in Supply Chain Industry

Use-Cases of Blockchain in Supply Chain

Smart contracts

Supply chain businesses can integrate smart contracts to replace paper-based work, saving time and enabling more frequent transactions. Also, smart contracts allow for mutual consensus in case of disputes, reducing the overall cost of conducting business. Furthermore, as a result of the transparency of blockchain technology, both parties follow the terms of the contract.


In supply chain management, keeping track of goods can be challenging. Moreover, the demand for transparency among consumers is growing anywhere between food and retail goods. Therefore, to get a better experience for your business, it is necessary to adopt evolving Blockchain technology.

Fraud Detection

The authenticity of products is an essential factor in determining customers’ loyalty. Thus, such a problem can significantly impact the company’s revenue and reputation. The use of blockchain technology in cooperation with mobile applications helps to identify fake products, improve product quality, and prevent fraud.

Logistics and inventory management

Blockchain technology can revolutionise supply chain management by minimising redundancy and costs and producing more cost-effective products. It gives you total control over your logistical process, and you can track your supplies for inventory management and maintain a transparent supply chain.

Cross-border payments

Smart contracts allow digital currencies to transact smoothly and quickly across borders. As a result, the blockchain secures these transactions and accelerates the verification process.

Product safety

Blockchain technology makes it possible to check the history of a product from beginning to end. Keeping track of the ingredients and ensuring no production problems is difficult. Blockchain will help you to determine whether a product is safe and trustworthy or not.

Blockchain In Supply Chain Industry

Blockchain Is Disrupting The

Supply Chain Industry

Customer Engagement

Businesses can use Blockchain technology for supply chain management to make it easy for users to quickly get product information from the blockchain to get an actual product with high quality. Supply chain companies can gain customer loyalty and increase customer satisfaction by reducing counterfeit products.


Blockchain technology in supply chain management will mitigate counterfeiting, and as an outcome it will improve security. Implementing blockchain technology will reduce risk, reduced fraud, and improve accuracy.

Faster payments:

Your average transaction with a traditional payment gateway can take four to six days. Blockchain technology offers an alternative that is not just fast and secure but also costs less than conventional methods. Moreover, it’s the solution to all centralised entities that control settlements and are subject to fraud and hacking.

Cost reduction

Smart contracts bring out faster and more efficient processes inside the blockchain. As a result, any business saves time by triggering automation in most time-taking parts and reduces transaction costs by eliminating third parties.

Reduced Complexity

A blockchain-based supply chain management system will solve the complex problem of handling data and transactions. As a result, businesses can process their system much easier and faster.

No more fake products

Blockchain is on the verge of eliminating fake products from the supply chain. It authorises customers to scan the QR code to verify the product’s authenticity and updates a list of products’ real-time GPS locations whenever it moves. In addition, it stores information about a product in the cloud, allowing anyone with access to check the origin, manufacturing date and unique identifiers.

Blockchain-based supply chain

Blockchain-Based Supply Chain

Can Be Very Helpful

Distributed ledger technology is disrupting many industries. Learn why blockchain is integral to moder logistics processes and supply chain management to improve overall efficiency.

Enhanced trust

Blockchain technology can bring many benefits in commercial domains by protecting products and services against fake copies. In addition, blockchain is an innovative solution for various sectors, enabling small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to build trust. Using blockchain technology, products can be verified as genuine and traceable at a low cost and in a secure environment. A product’s originality can be found in its chain of control, from its basic materials all the way to its distribution.


Blockchain is a highly integrated solution that is the future of global business. It will revolutionize logistics and supply chain management. The flow of goods can be controlled and monitored using RF identification and blockchain technology. As a result, business owners can focus on generating revenue rather than taking care of management products.

Increased revenue

Blockchain is secure, non-refutable data that would help businesses build trust in the authenticity of their products through a decentralised network. Blockchain can help build trust amongst the consumer and producer; this capability can boost the recurring gain of businesses and revenue growth by consolidating customer loyalty and confidence in your product.

Reduced errors

The supply chain becomes far more complex in this world of complexity and unlimited data. Blockchain technology can provide the best possible solution to cut down on paper works and reduces multiple transactional errors.

Support Your Supply Chain

How Can We Support Your Supply

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Our supply chain solutions are worthwhile to meet the needs of businesses from concept development to implementation.

Our approach

We create blockchain applications that make your business more digital. Our solutions are robust, scalable, secure, and easy to use without entry barriers. We confer your challenges, hurdles, and business goals to transform your business. Then, we employ a proven methodology to develop a remarkable strategy that satisfies the client’s needs. After that, we will help your business gain new revenue streams and prevent future concerns with a deep acquaintance of blockchain

Admin console

Our admin console provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to track product activity. Decentralised system implementation is essential to simplify the management of business data. In case of an issue, we provide a secure and seamless admin console that allows you to monitor every transaction, smart contract, and activity on our chain. Thus, data is safeguarded by a decentralised system.

Smart contract integration

We integrate blockchain and smart contracts into existing business processes and connect them to supply chain and logistics. Our solutions reduce fraud risks and human resource costs, automate transaction processes, increase product accuracy and tracking delivery. We enable businesses to build trust and easy-to-use online stores by strategically implementing our solutions into supply chain management.


We develop and deploy blockchain applications from scratch. By working with several prototyping tools and integrating them into our development process, we make a user-friendly DApp with a clean interface. And you can be confident that we’ll deliver an application meeting your highest quality expectations no matter the project.

Crypto Payment Gateway

A secure payment gateway is implemented by us to facilitate secure transactions. We integrate a simple, secure, and reliable crypto mode of payment into our payment gateway, allowing supply chain and logistics business to increase sales. As well as being automated and seamless, the Crypto payment gateway will enable businesses to accept crypto payments in fiat currencies. Thus, Low fees and instant pricing give customers a superior experience.

24/7 support

Blockchain expertise at BloxBytes upkeeps your entire blockchain application development and supports your business. We aim to bring transformation and scalability into your business from preparing to deployment. We continue to provide seamless on-demand software maintenance and 24/7 aid, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your e-commerce business is forging revenue.

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