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Blockchain in Healthcare can enhance transparency to make patient data
secure and immutable for your healthcare business.

Blockchain in Healthcare

in Healthcare

The most considerable alarms for the healthcare industry are data management and storing tons of private patient information. Most hospitals store patient information in various databases, including private clinics and insurance companies. 

Healthcare must adopt new technology for data protection that will maintain privacy, improve data accuracy, and protect data from hack attacks. 

Blockchain technology revolutionises Healthcare by decentralising medical information, tracking medications, and faster and more secure payments by cutting mediators. We at BloxBytes, offer Blockchain solutions to data storage so that patient can directly access their health records.

Hospitals can save billions by introducing blockchain technology into their sector. We at Bloxbytes develop white-labelled blockchain solutions.

Use-cases of Blockchain in Healthcare

Use-cases of Blockchain in Healthcare

Supply-chain transparency

Current drug supply chains are complex, but blockchain enables transparency with the instantaneous payment transfer to suppliers without costly intermediaries, which benefits healthcare businesses. Moreover, smart contracts could expedite ownership transfer and ensure compliance with safety requirements. Blockchain in Healthcare provides traceability and visibility for consumers, suppliers, and manufacturers.

Patient-centric EHR

The healthcare industry is affected by data siloes causing medical errors that cost lives. A patient-centric health record is a crucial component in any healthcare organisation’s journey to create value for the stakeholders by enabling seamless and automatic access to electronic medical information. Healthcare industry leaders must start preparing with a plan to embark on a secured infrastructure where data can be shared, preventing data collisions, which is vital when diagnosing patients.

Verification process

Transparency in the healthcare industry is becoming increasingly difficult due to an additional barrier (intermediaries) between patients and information. The result is the costly and inefficient process for medical staff verification across a disparate ecosystem. Blockchain in Healthcare can potentially eliminate inefficiencies by verifying the credentials of medical professionals and providing verifiable and transparent documents as well as fast, easy and secure medical staff verification.


Healthcare data is changing, and at the same time, medical providers and patients are looking for better technology to improve data security and reduce fraud. With blockchain, sensitive patient information can be stored in a highly restricted space, ensuring that only permitted parties can access it. In addition, blockchain allows it to authenticate data, providing healthcare practitioners more transparency and security from data tampering.

Smart contracts

Smart contracts automate insurance settlements and eliminate human interaction. As a result, both beneficiaries and insurers can save time and money. This technology enables different healthcare actors, such as providers, patients, insurers, and medical device manufacturers, to authenticate themselves on the network and document contracts. Stakeholders can turn to smart contracts to verify facts and speed up dispute resolution.

Data access worldwide

Blockchain allows patients to access their medical data from around the world securely.. Blockchain in Healthcare can simplify the process, making it easier for transplant patients to find compatibility with donors and drugs. Moreover, blockchain provides precision analysis of alternative medicine options.

Blockchain in Healthcare

Benefits Of Blockchain

In Healthcare


With blockchain protocols, the drug supply chain can verify the authenticity of medicines, expiration dates, and other important information. As a result, blockchain Verifies each drug, making it possible to detect fake goods and deprive those who want to defraud consumers. Blockchain technology stores each item’s origin and its current data.


Healthcare businesses can now decentralise medical billing, verifications, and patient data through blockchain technology and smart contracts. In addition, blockchain provides a layer of trust that is more secure than any centralised system.

Benefits for organisations

Physicians need instant access to their patients’ records in emergencies. With blockchain, this would be possible without compromising privacy and security. By using blockchain, doctors can quickly share verified, credible and secure data, leading to improved decision-making.

Benefits for patients

Blockchain in Healthcare can empower patients. Patients can be more engaged, informed, and in control of their health because blockchain provides transparency and supports shared decision-making.

Benefits for Pharmaceuticals

Recruiting participants for clinical trials istime-consuming, challenging and costly. Blockchain technology could cut the cost of clinical trials by creating an immutable record of all data related to the problem, including patient consent forms and other critical information. Moreover, blockchain also allows counterfeit drugs.

Benefits for Insurance

Blockchain in Healthcare can dramatically lessen the cost of health insurance claims and transfers, primarily by eliminating intermediaries.

Blockchain-based Healthcare real-time applications

Blockchain-Based Healthcare

Real-Time Applications

Global registry

The blockchain revolutionises medical care businesses with global access to medical or organ registries. In an emergency, the network can use a blockchain-based application to involve donors in organ or blood donation. There is the elimination of third parties in the approval process. In addition, since blockchain data is cryptographically secure, a blockchain-based organ donor registry solves regulatory transparency issues.


Blockchain-based applications will allow you to consult and set an appointment with any medical practitioner globally at the exact cost of hospitals and clinics, saving time and expanding the application’s user base.

Security of drug data trial

Drug trials require an invasive examination and a tremendous amount of commitment from the patient. Blockchain technology helps create an incorruptible medical history record, ensuring patients sign up for clinical trials.

Quick claims

Blockchain delivers the expectancy of cutting down duration such as; paperwork and manual work. Blockchain aids insurers and medical providers track and verifying medical information globally. For example, to minimise costs by automating claims and payments.

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Our methodology is simple: plan, build, test, repeat. Through a mix of on-chain and off-chain work, we contribute to the whole user experience. We follow agile development methodology so that we can adjust directions based on client feedback. In addition, we provide a document trail, so the client can easily see what decisions we need to make and why. Finally, we always create a dynamic, working prototype (before developing an MVP) that you can use to get feedback from every stakeholder. As a result, the client can have a creative, efficient workflow with our solutions.

Admin console

We develop a user-end and client-end admin panel for accessing your data in a structured and optimised way, creating types of reports according to the target audience. In addition, we make an application that allows you to view real-time analytics and have the opportunity to track your visitors’ actions after the launch campaign.

Smart contract integration

Smart contracts are the next steps in the progression of blockchain-based healthcare applications. These contracts run on blockchain technology that auto-executes all the healthcare processes, claims, and funds transfer between payers and providers without needing a third-party intermediary.


We consider many aspects before developing a Dapp that fits your business. With user profiles and features for the Healthcare industry, combined with security protocols that ensure your business is always protected. We customise the framework, coding, and security of your Dapp, with industry-grade encryption and long-term success in mind.

Crypto payment gateway

A Crypto payment gateway provides the ability to use it as a private and secure online transaction. With our crypto payment gateway, businesses can seamlessly move funds between multiple accounts in a few clicks. Also, we excelled in integrating any gateway per our client’s requirements.

24/7 support

Our blockchain expertise upkeeps your entire blockchain application development and supports your business. We aim to bring transformation and scalability into your business from preparing to deployment. We continue to provide seamless on-demand software maintenance and 24/7 aid, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your e-commerce business is forging revenue.

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